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Just a few years ago, I felt like I was being STRANGLED by my finances, with no relief in sight. It was not that I was lazy. Far from it. In fact, no matter how hard I worked, and I did put in over 10 hours a day, I never seemed to get too far away from the hangman’s noose…...

Then I discovered two things that not only rescued the situation, but also catapulted me to an awesome lifestyle:

  1. The enabling power of building a positive attitude and an abundant mindset
  2. The enriching power of the Internet combined with good how-to information

The Internet, combined with a winning attitude and mindset plus good how-to information, really can give you access to much more time and money, enabling you to create the life of greatness that you knew, as a child, was possible for you.

Here is my story, in a nutshell...

David Cameron Gikandi

I am David. I was born in a little town in Kenya called Nakuru. Google it up – it is one of the world’s biggest homes for flamingos. Anyways, that was on March 6, 1975. It is a very small town, more famous for its flamingos and other wildlife than anything else. In fact, I remember once, as a toddler, my parents and I were driving around the local park in my dad’s tiny Datsun 120Y when a rhinoceros charged and chased us! A frightening experience that I can still see clearly in my memory despite all that time passed. However, that being said, rhinos are extremely good creatures, lovely and kind giants. We must have scared that one, our fault completely.

I still live in Kenya mostly, and right now, as I write this note to you, I am in Mombasa, Kenya. So yes, this is my home, Kenya. A very beautiful country best known for its nature and wildlife, beaches, and warm people. I have also lived for quite a few of the last 7 years in Australia, another country that I love very much. Again, I thank the wisdom in this Club for giving me the ability to have lived in that country as well. It is amazing how far you can go and what you can do when you apply this wisdom.

Since I actively started applying the wisdom a few years ago, I have experienced time, geographic and financial freedom to a great extent. I have traveled to over 30 countries in all the continents except the poles, spent time in many of these, lived in a few of them, met amazing people and seen amazing things. Australia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Egypt, Malaysia, New Zealand, U.K., Cambodia, South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands, UAE, etc, etc. Life is beautiful. I also have a healthy passive income that comes in whether I work or not. I work in the areas I love, investigating and playing with my passions. I am still a ‘grasshopper’, still learning and I am young at this and know there is a LOT more still out there. There is a lot I am yet to master.

11 years ago, in late 1997, I had almost no idea what the Internet really was all about. I was fresh out of college, did not want to get a job, wanted to start my own business, but had no money. So I bought an Internet for Dummies book. I did that because I had no capital and the only low-capital business I could think of doing was an online business. Initially, that is what made me go online. I was in Kenya. The Internet connection was terrible and the electricity at the time kept randomly blacking out. I did not care. It had to be done.

The first year was terrible in terms of income. I think I made a total of $80 all year. Why? Because I did not know what I was doing. Finally, one weeknight at 2am, I understood it! Aha! 3 days later, I made my first $7,400 online. December 1998, I remember. In 1998, in Kenya, that was great money!

And I made it in 3 days flat! At that time, I almost pissed my pants. It was as if the lights had come on suddenly and the world was bright and beautiful, just like that, almost overnight. Phew! I felt lucky :) I felt that I was finally winning. Since then, my income has been almost exclusively from online or online-related sources. Online businesses have allowed me to live around the world. I have been to about 30 countries in 5 continents and lived in 3 countries on 3 continents. Traveling is one of my biggest passions. You need time and money to do it. The Internet gave me both. At some point, I was taking 4 to 6 international holidays a year. I was in my twenties! I have since slowed down so that I can use the money to invest, but I hope you see the picture. If not, here are some a shots I selected for you from some of my trips (more coming soon)...

Chilling out in Zanzibar

What does this have to do with you?

Your time is valuable. You are here for a reason, and so I wish to prove a point to you so that you may rest without doubt that the insights in this Club can work for just about anyone, anywhere. Consider my upbringing… I wasn’t born in wealth, neither in poverty. We were your average lower middle-class family at the start, and moved up to middle-class within a few years. I was, most of the time, a happy child. That is not the point. The point is this: My parents grew up as children during the British colonial era (Kenya became independent in 1963). Their parents, my grandparents, were farmers. I don’t wish to bore you with the history of my people or country (you can Google it up if you like), but I do wish to stress one thing… Kenya being a developing nation (third-world was the term used in the past), we didn’t have much in the way of the kind of information and resources you might expect to commonly find in North America or Western Europe. But third world or not, I can tell you for a fact that this wisdom in this Club is applicable by anyone, anywhere, in any walk of life or career, from any background. Snake oil it isn’t. I dare you to test it.

I believe that for serious success, one that also frees you and gives you back your time and dignity (instead of robbing you of your time and energy), you need:

  1. To develop your mindset, attitude and abundance consciousness
  2. To have good information, as information is the key
  3. To model success, model what has been proven to work well before (don't re-invent the wheel unless you absolutely must)
  4. Systemize
  5. Automate

And in this Club we provide you with all you need for these success items above.








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  •  a_coenen2004 wrote 1304 Days Ago (neutral) 
    David, you are for me "The Number 1" I believe in you and your team. I will start this online business, and I know already that I will succeed.
    I thank the Lord, that He has send you to me, to become a part in my life.
    I have sended you an E mail and I wait now for your respons!

    God bless you and your team.

    Anthony Coenen

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